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Non- Verbal Statements

Aisha H.Comment
Non- Verbal Statements

Non-Verbal Statements 

We all have seen great quotes about making statements through your clothing and appearence. 

Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story.
— Mason Cooley
Who said that clothes make a statement? What an understatement that was. Clothes never shut up.
— Susan Brownmiller

A well put together look can make a statement but there are times to be declarative requires words – insert graphic tees. A graphic tee is great for getting your point across. It allows you to make people feel welcomed or tell them to take a few steps back, away from you.


I adore chic sometimes sarcastic messages that allow me to give the perfect non-verbal statement. Paired with a big skirt ( Carrie Bradshaw style) or with a cute pair of jeans. 


As you know I have two passions – fashion and yoga. I aim to make a statement in every environment including the yoga studio. The studio is usually very quiet and the perfect place for your work out pieces to speak for you.

I’m super excited to share two great graphic tees I love to wear to class to make a statement. I created them so I’m kind of biased but I hope you will love them too!


I am not one to rock a graphic tee and not know what it means. If you are like me, allow me to break down what it means to be a Fly Yoga Chick.

What is a Fly Yoga Chick? 

Fly – You have your own personal style and rock it with 100% confidence no matter what the venue or occasion.


Yoga – It is a philosophy based on unity and integrating oneself using principles and practices with the goal of being a better and more peaceful version of oneself.


Fly Yoga Chick – You rock your unique and personal style with 100% confidence and live a life in search of an improved and peaceful self. 

 Now that you have a little more background.

Are you a Fly Yoga Chick? 


As always drop a line in the comments section. What's your fav graphic tee?