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I Have Nothing to Wear!!! (Part 2)

Aisha H.2 Comments
I Have Nothing to Wear!!! (Part 2)

I Have Nothing To Wear (Part 2) !


Part 2 is here to help rid you of moments of despair and laying on the floor from not having a thing to wear! We have 12 pieces thus far and 37 more to go. At the end of this series I will provide a Fly Yoga Chick cheatsheet to help ensure you have everything you need for every occasion. Remember, some items may already be in your closet so it's a good time to do an inventory and purge to avoid starting from scratch.


Upper Body

4 Sweaters = 4 pieces

I don’t just like the number 4, this is what I have used and maximizes my looks. Sweaters offer so many options as it is perfect for layering, tucked in or worn alone. Focus on two for work and two casual.  A cardigan set can be counted as one sweater but do not be afraid to wear it separately. Casual sweaters are trendy and may not last through the next year. Try an off the shoulder look or a graphic sweater/sweatshirt.

7 Tees = 7 pieces

I LOVE A GOOD TEE!!!!!! (Also like good tea! "How You Doin' " )Okay, let’s focus by starting off with the definition of a tee. A Tee is about the material not the cut so this includes short sleeve, long sleeve, tanks and turtle necks.  Mix up the neckline and brand until you find what works well for you. I am a sucker for J.Crew  v neck tees and order them online so they come nice and wrapped, saving me from the table of confusion in the store.

2 Tops for every skirt and pant = 16 pieces

Tops are usually easier than pants and a good place to show diversity in your wardrobe. Looking at each skirt or pants as at least two outfits. I say at least because with accessories, layering options, etc. you end up with like 6-8 from every pant or skirt.  This provides tons of flexibility and options. Go for one dressy top for a night out and one casual for the day and a button up for a corporate event. Don’t be afraid to try a cute polka dot off the shoulder.

Full Body

1 Suit = 2 pieces

Time to invest people. A nice suit that goes together and can also be worn separately. It’s great to do non-matchy suites but in this breakdown keep it basic, get a suit set in a professional color. Black, blue or grey! That’s it!


5 dresses = 5 pieces

Dresses are great because one dress can be transformed into 4 – 5 outfits. That super cute sleeveless sheath dress can be worn (1) With a button up shirt under and a belt, (2) With the cardigan sweater, (3) Tights and a jean jacket for the club and (4) A shirt over a skirt, etc. Keep this in mind when selecting your dress. My fav combo is a sheath, A-line, LBD, and maxi. That's 5 dresses that can all be worn in a multitude of ways. A multitude of ways sounds like you are getting close to always having something to wear J  This is where youcan play with your colors and fabrics here but be careful and stick with fabrics for the season. 


4 Coats and Jackets = 4 pieces

1 elegant coat - Warmth is important but I'd rather look amazing and a little chilly any day. lol The elegant coat needs to be your staple piece of the season, beautiful enough for daily wear and always solicit complaints and attention. The goal is a tailored look with a personal twist. Maybe an embellished collar, peplum bottom or belt that shows off your curves. Your coat should scream confidence once you put it on so take your time and invest in a piece you love and don’t settle for anything less. My tell-tell sign is when I start thinking of ways to upgrade an item, it's not the one! That being said upgrades are always nice. Upgrade by having your tailor remove the lining to add a pattern just for you. Think John Witherspoon and coooor-DIN-nate. 

1 sporty outwear jacket - We have all had that event in the winter ( fall or spring) when a jacket is required and you are caught with cashmere in the trenches. I am not a huge bubble coat girl however this is one of those times that you need to think that way. Something that is warm and goes well with tennis shoes at a football game or haunted house with your friends. My husband bought me a coat that fit this category one year as a gift and my original response was...,”Wait this isn't pink?”  Ladies, you know it was said a little different but I digress. I had to apologize because I warm and cozy as I literally wore it all winter long. 


1 classic trench - The Wardrobe Mandatory Perfectly Practical Pieces. Now say that 3 times fast! Whether you are going in for the Burberry Trench or keeping it cute with an Abercrombie Deal (Surprisingly a great place for outwear. Check online for more sizes) it's no way around this item. Try them on and play with cuts and details. Don’t forget to make sure the belt fits you in the right place, the length is perfect for you and if the extras fit your style. I like a trench with a removable lining. This is a piece that can take you through all seasons, if you buy correctly. 


1 day-to-night jacket - Think blazer with a little more weight. This item is more of an outfit addition than protection from the elements. Perfect for the chill of the movie theater or a layer for the outfit that just needs something. My go to is my beloved Veda denim jacket with black leather sleeves. I watched that baby for 2 months and when the price went from $500 to $120 I pulled out my Retail-Me-Not and finished the deal with an extra 15%! #Winning


So you have the formula!

Complete Wardrobe = 4 sweaters + 7 tees + 4 coats & jackets + 16 tops + 4 pants + 4 skirts + 4 jeans + 5 dresses + 1 Suit 


49 Pieces to a stress-free season


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