Aisha H.

Yogi Arms

Aisha H.
Yogi Arms

When most people think of Yoga the first word that comes up is flexibility. Aside from the fact that yoga is so much more than a physical practice, (I will say that in every yoga post, FYI) there are tons of physical benefits outside of flexibility that can come from a physical practice. Added strength, muscle tone and definition just to name a few. With the summer here and the trend of off-the-shoulder shirts and dresses being all the rave I wanted to share a couple of my top arm yoga poses. 





1) Start in plank with shoulders stacked over your wrist, core engaged, toes on the ground, actively push back through your heels. 


2) Place your right hand in the center of your mat aligned with the center of your chest, spread your fingers wide and press into you palm. 

3) Stack your feet on top of each other with only the long edge of your right foot on the ground along the big toe side. 

4) Lift your left arm to the sky keep a straight line from your right wrist to the fingertips of your left hand. 


To align your body

1) Lift up through you hips pushing them higher to the sky

2) Reach your left finger to the sky 


Reset in plank and do the other side. 




Ardha Pincha Mayurasana


1) Start in Downward facing dog, press heels into the mat, lift up through your knee caps, press your hips to the sky, pull your belly button into your spine, relax your shoulders down your back, spread your fingers wide and press through your palms. Take your eyes to the middle of your knees. 

2) Lower your forearms to the mat with elbows shoulder-width apart.

3) Place palms down into the mat coming directly from your elbows. 

4) Lift up through your shoulder preventing the pressure from going towards the ground and instead pull it up towards your waist. 



Want to see more step-by-steps or have a question about a pose? Let me know, drop a line in the comments.