Urban Myth: Buying the Perfect Jeans


I've bought every magazine that talks about finding your perfect jeans. I have watched videos about pocket placement for butt size, the amount of stretch, the differences between cuts, etc. Years later and way too much "research" money spent, I came pretty close to finding perfection.  I found a few brands that worked really good; some would even say perfect. Then a friend of mine, a tailor, told me how much altering she had to do at a jean company catalog shoot to give the appearance the jeans fit flawlessly.

If models can't find the perfect jeans how could I? 

I realized the perfect jean is not something you buy; it is something you make. This lead me to realize the perfect jean is not something you buy, it is something you make. 


Like many women my challenge has always been the hip to waist ratio, either it’s going to fit my hips with a big gap in the back or be so tight on my thighs that the little white lines start showing. Neither of these work for me. What if I want to pop into a split or do the Beyonce drop it low dance? I need flexibility to keep it sexy.

My fix? All of my jeans are tailored and I can’t go back to wearing them straight from the rack!!  I find jeans I love that are too big in the waist and my tailor pulls them in, immediately changes any look and makes my jeans look like they were made on my body. 


Letting go of the urban myth gives me way more options. Instead of having to stick to a few designers I am open to all of them! I can enjoy their different cuts or styles, and just make them work for me.




This addiction to tailored jeans did come with a little heart break originally because I didn't know what to ask for and had to sacrifice a few jeans in the process. Here are my tips to help you journey into the land of your custom fit jeans. 

1. Ask the tailor about their process for taking in the waist. Some will completely take off the waist band shorten it and re-attach. This is great! However, some tac the back leaving lines in the jeans on the back. This is HORRIBLE!

2. Only take a pair of jeans at first. It's way better than taking 3-4 and ruin all of them. 

3. Look to make sure the line stay in the center at the back of the jeans and does not move to one side or the other after it's been completed. 

4. Check Yelp and read all of the feedback. You spend good money on your jeans, do your research. 


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My Look

So I sort of stalked this jacket by Velvet from Saks until it went on sale. It had the perfect mix of patches, no crazy messages and I liked the feminine cut to show a little waist. I must admit this is not my first army jacket but it's the first time I got it right. 

You can't get past many Instagram posts without an ad about FashionNova, so I decided to try out a couple of easy pieces to see what the rave was about. How could you go wrong with a black crop top? Piece worked great with this look, simple, inexpensive and a nice feel to the fabric. Maybe I will try them again. 



The jeans are Joe's Boyfriend Slim Crop and I love them! Trust you will be seeing these babies again. Nice feel and good flexibility without all of the spandex. I had them taken in at the waist but no length alterations were needed. 


My Louboutin oh how I love thee! These super sexy shoes and I caught eyes and that was it. The clear strap from the heel to the ankle gives the impression of a choker. Perfect shoe for jeans to dresses and a great investment! 


Jeans- Joe Jeans, Crop Top - Fashion Nova, Jacket - Velvet by Graham and Spencer, Bag - Gucci, Shoes - Jonatina Christian Louboutin