Why I Can't be a Yoga Teacher.


Yoga teacher training was brutal and life changing all at the same time. It all began with a physical practice during a Mother-Daughter outing. I instantly fell in love and started looking for deals all over the Washington D.C. area. Then it happened, one of the studios I frequented  sent me an email about Yoga Teacher Training.  


My first thought was, “I could never do that! I’m not a size 2, I'm not that flexible, etc.” I made a huge list of things that would prevent me from being a yoga teacher. I told myself maybe in another lifetime. Something kept bugging me though, a voice kept asking, "Why not?". Then I thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. I contacted the owner of the studio and she shared her story of what lead her to yoga and ultimately teaching. Two hours later, I was paying my deposit as I was convinced this will only be for personal knowledge. 


After one month of two evenings a week, and 22 hours of yoga every other weekend, I decided to quit. It wasn’t the physical, it was learning that yoga was so much more than physical. It was being completely vulnerable, and having to look at myself in a way I wasn't ready for. I spent the first hour of every class crying! I began to think about people I needed to forgive, situations I needed to release and issues I wasn’t dealing with. I wanted to quit and I was going to quit when an instructor told me, no. I was looking for her to support me by telling me it is my decision or if I think this is best to proceed with my plan, instead I got a simple, no. 


Her affirmative answer was just what I needed. I continued the six month program and grew mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I forgave and accepted myself and others.  I released things that were binding me. I became a yogi.


I stand here today almost five years later a yoga teacher, practitioner, and student. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. If you are thinking of taking a program I encourage you to do so. Don’t make a list for why you can’t, just do it. Allow yoga to be a bridge to a better you. 


Questions to ask the studio before you sign-up

1.       How long is your program and how do you satisfy the 200 hour requirement for Yoga Alliance?

2.       Do you teach Sanskrit, the history, meanings and background?

3.       Which of the 8 limbs will we spend the most time focusing on? (Some studios teach you how to teach one class and sequence. You want to focus on everything equally and not just on your asana)

4.       Is there outside reading that is required? (This is a good thing. You want to expand your learning outside of the program. It all helps your knowledge base)

5.       How long is your program? (Short programs are good but don’t always give the full benefit. If you want to change your life, outlook, situation then it takes time. Did you get to where you are in 3 weeks?)


If you are considering yoga teacher training and have questions. please leave them in the comments. I will be sure to answer.


My Look



I got this cute little number from Betsy Johnson. I love the colors and the message. I figure one day someone in a class will need a word about love, look up, see it and be inspired.


Being a curvaceous women I had to learn the hard way that you must test your yoga clothing before you buy them. I cannot tell you how many times I have stood in the back of a class or walked around a class and see polka dot panties. Do the toe touch test before buying yoga pants to make sure they are not too shear.  




Bra - Betsy Johnson, Pants - Betsy Johnson, Shirt - Beyond Yoga