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I am the only me I am! Lol. So now that I have started with a bit of quirkiness let’s get to it. I started this blog to show the great duality that exists within so many of us. One side of my duality being a complete a total glamazon who loves shoes, all things pink, Mariah Carey (of Course), fashion and the fashionista bible better known as Vogue.


The other side being a licensed yoga teacher of over 4 years who live by the words of the Yoga Sutras, follows non-attachment and wakes each day to practice yoga both in my physical practice and my life. So what does that mean for you? For you, this is a safe space to see great fashion ensembles, commentary along with yoga sequences and basics, yoga teachings that expand your knowledge of what yoga is, what it is not and what heck Namaste means.

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Let's get Familiar

Here are a couple of my fashion and yoga favorites, leave yours in the comments

Fashion Icons – Dominique Deveraux, Marlo Hampton and Jenna Lyons

Dominique Deveraux played by Diane Carol on Dynasty. A classy, old money look that demanded you say Mademoiselle when you addressed her.  

Ms. Marlo Hampton. She does it all! A combination of playing up her best feature (hello legs!) with sex appeal, class, confidence and lots of labels. Chanel, Fendi, Pucci Oh MY! 

Jenny Lyons formally of J.Crew has tried to stay under the radar for years however with her great style it's not possible. Always tailored, clean lines, no matchy-match style is amazing! 

What brought me to yoga – While in a bad relationship I said I need a focus. I started a 6 month yoga teacher training and vowed I would be different by the end. After the six months I was out of the relationship and in a new one with myself!

Fashion motto – Always overdress!

Favorite yoga pose – Warrior 2

Signature color – Red

Shopping Style – Invest in the good stuff, your staple pieces that you can have forever! Then mix that with pieces that are trendy, inexpensive and amazing! Search for the deal everything can be found cheaper, even if it's brand new! 

My Look


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I was completely in love with a shirt by Johanna Ortiz which Sarah Jessica Parker wore for her shoe label ads however the $805 price tag was too high for my blood. So I began my search and found this one from SheIn.com for $36! I've ordered 4 things from this site and 2 I loved, one I gave away and one....let's just say it's didn't work out. If you have hours to comb through their site you are sure to find some of your favorite designer pieces re-imagined. Just be ready for lots of things to comb through, the site is huge!! I generally sort from high to low because the highest price point is around $75 and it weeds out all of the stuff that is an immediate no. 


Oh J.Crew how I love you! I say this with 100% confidence. J.Crew leads the accessory game! Period! This necklace was a statement piece I saw and couldn't wait for the sale to come. Now I literally wear it all the time. It has not tarnished and steps up any outfit. It's elaborate without being tacky or over done. 

A few years ago the Creative Director from J Brand left and went to Madewell and my world changed. I completely fell in love with Madewell jeans their fit and variety. This pair is their Alley cut. Definitely made for someone with long legs but the fit, pocket placement is great for girls who want to show their ass-ets and style is amazing. The pockets in the front are usually pretty shallow in their jeans but that's what you carry a purse for. 

Let's talk shoes!!! I am one of those people who generally works from the bottom up. I find a pair of amazing shoes and then build everything around them. These beauties came after the top but they are first in my heart. If you are saving up for your first pair of Louboutins let me give you a word of advice, all Pigalle's are not created equal!  You have the Pigalle and the Pigalle Follies. First, the heel on the original pigalle is not as skinny as the follies which makes it way more comfortable. However to quote Monsieur Louboutin 

I do a work, it’s not about comfort, it’s about beauty,” he said. “I can make it easier, but I’m not going to say a 5-inch heel is comfortable. No, it is not comfortable.
— Christian Louboutin Courtesy of CBS News


Shirt - Shein.com , Pants - Madewell Alley Cut ( altered at the waist and for length, they come long), Necklace - J.Crew, Shoes - Christian Louboutin Pigalle