Finding a place that is "Me" in a house of "Us"

My parents listened to comedian George Carlin who jokes about having a place for all your stuff and how that was home. When I first transitioned to married life  I moved from my high rise apartment blocks outside of Georgetown to the suburbs of my youth in Gorgeous Prince Georges County.  My husband had a house, we decided to make it our family home. I went to work making every room a place that looked like “Us”. I worked so hard HomeGoods associates knew me by name. I was a follower of many style bloggers and my eyes were glued to Pinterest boards about living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, etc. At the end, the house was now our home and it said “Us.” Goal accomplished. My husband fancies himself a race car driver meaning he buys, reconstructs, and sells fast cars, so the garage was off limits to “Us” and is solely “His.” Then I realized, in the home of “Us,” and the garage of “His,” where did it say or even whisper, “Me,” the dog even had “Her” own area for goodness sake but no “Me!” 

I took it as a challenge to make what was originally called my She Shed and then transformed into my Ladies Lair. I wanted a space that I could overload with pink, pretty shoes, make-up , fashion magazines and all things girly. At the same time I couldn’t give up my space in the shared closet, so not a closet. A place that Sex in the City, The Devil Wears Prada and the Coco Chanel story plays on repeat! Somewhere that allowed me to be creative, silly, and “Me”. Making sure that as I became an “Us” I kept those things that made up “Me”. So I completed by Ladies Lair.

Do you have a space that allows you to be creative, and inspired? Leave a comment. Tell me about it!